Seed Exchange Party 2016

Spring is not there yet but there is definitely a feeling of it in the air… So now is the time to start thinking about what we want to sow and plant in the garden this year. Flogsta Food is happy to invite you to this year’s Seed Exchange Party!

The event will take place on Saturday, 12th March at 15.00 at Flogstavägen 45A. Looking forward to seeing you then!

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Flogsta Food Seed Exchange Party on March 29th!

Hej gardeners!

As you are noticing, spring is just about to arrive in Uppsala! And that’s why we should start thinking about what we want to sow and plant in the garden this year. Flogsta Food is happy to invite you to this year’s Flogsta Food Seed Exchange Party!

The event will take place on Sunday, 29th of March at 15.00 at the Hamberg Community Center (Flogstavägen 45A).

Flogsta Food buys seeds from Runåbergs Fröer every year, thanks to your allotment fees. What is ordered is decided by you – so have a look on their sortiment and send us your suggestions until the 15th of March:

You are also very welcome to bring your own seeds with you and exchange them with other gardeners.

We are looking forward to your suggestions and send you

Local wishes
Alice and Michael
SEEDs of 2015 (Seed Exchange Executive Directors)

Information meeting

Are you interested in growing your own organic food? Are you looking for something to do together with others for the common good? Do you want to join a green and sustainable movement?

Flogsta Food is always looking for new people to join us! We have private allotments and a community garden, right next to Hamberg (“Flogsta lowhouses”).

If you’re interested in anything of the above you’re warmly welcomed to our information meeting on February 15th, at 15:00 in Hamberg Community Center (Flogstavägen 45A). We will serve fika and inform you about our activities and how you can get involved.

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Flogsta Food’s Fourth Annual Harvest Party 2014

It’s time to celebrate the end of this beautiful summer with a grand harvest party!

Everyone is welcome to join. During the harvest party we will inform you about the activities of Flogsta Food and the Community Garden, so if you’re curious – come an get fed and informed!

It will be a potluck, so bring something made from this year’s harvest. It doesn’t have to be from your allotment (especially if you don’t have one), it can also be something made with wild mushrooms, apples or veggies from local farmers. If possible, make it vegan so that it can be shared with everyone.

Time and place: 6th of October 18:00 at Hamberg Community Center, Flogstavägen 45A

Warm welcome
/ Flogsta Food

ps. we have been a little short on blog posts this year. Notifications on community events have mostly been ending up in the Facebook group* only nowadays. Join to get regular updates of things happening! Please do let us know if you visit this site to get updates, if so we need to ensure updates end up here in the future as well. A meeting will be held in the near future to discuss this, and other matters.

* Flogsta Food Facebook group:

Contact about allotments and other questions/suggestions:

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Flogsta Food Kickstart Meeting and Fika-Potluck 2014!

Hello friends of Flogsta Food!
Now that the new year has gotten off to a good start, it’s time for Flogsta Food to do the same!! With the new year, changes are coming to Flogsta Food and it’s time for us to decide where the gardens are going. Some people are taking a step back while others are taking a step forward and on the 17th of february at 19:00 we’re all getting together to discuss the near future of Flogsta Food.

Some probable topics are:

– Forming a board and other organisational matters.

– Ideas and event for the upcoming year.

– Possible improvements and changes to be made.

– The Great Seed Exchange

Once again, the meeting will be on monday february 17 at 19:00, preliminarily at Martin and Finley’s at Flogstavägen 81D, one stair up. If you have facebook, please accept our invite to the event (otherwise, please send an email to Flogsta Food) if you are coming. This will help us figure out if we’re all going to fit in our living room! The meeting will be arranged as a fika-potluck so bring something delicious with you and we’ll do the same!


Hope to see you there!!

Finley, Martin and Flogsta Food

Mulching day – Autumn work day

Last sunday around 10 valiant Flogies gathered in the community garden with a mission to reap the very last harvest and cover the garden beds in colorful leaf blankets for the winter.

Greenhouse mulchedWe cleared away all frostbitten and withered tomato plants in the greenhouses, dug up over sized potatoes and collected wheelbarrow upon wheelbarrow of leaves to cover the soil. We harvested everything that had not been destroyed by the frost; such as celeriac, pak choi seeds and a few half frozen but utterly delicious berries of the Physalis peruviana (Inca berry) that had taken over almost half of the small greenhouse. We were very delighted to see that the Physalis successfully gave fruit this year, and hope that it will grow even better next season.

Pak choi seeds.

So delicious!

Physalis. So delicious!

Even though the sun was happily shining on us  the frost of last night still lingered on the ground. We kept ourselves warm by working and were quickly done. Then we enjoyed a nice pot luck fika with home made pumpkin pie and sourdough bread as well as some miscellaneous non-home made treats.

Proud mulchers enjoying fika.

Proud mulchers enjoying fika.

There’s something peaceful about mulching. Marking the end of the growing season, giving the soil some time to rest and nutrients to absorb from the leaves. Now is the time to start looking forward to next season, to think about what we want to grow in the community garden next year and how we can organize ourselves in a better way.

Happy Autumn!


Flogsta Food – A conversation about our future

Let’s get together to discuss our future as an organization and community garden. How should we be structured? What improvements need to be made to our garden? Can we work in closer contact to the other Flogsta initiatives (Flogsta Veg. Mondays and the Flogsta matkooperativ)?

These and other questions will be brought up in the comfort of Marian and Christopher’s humble abode at Flogstavägen 93f on Tuesday, October 15 at 19:30. We will provide tea. Have questions or comments which you want to get off your chest at the meeting? No problem, bring them and we will get to as much as we can before we grow weary.

The person with the most entertaining headwear and the person with the shiniest shoes will each receive a local and organic prize of some sort from the hosts.

Follow the event on facebook here –

Local hugs and cabbage,

Flogsta Food

Flogsta Food’s Third Annual Harvest Party 2013

A large part of gardening is celebration and sharing. And there is no greater abundance in Sweden than in September. So, to close out the month properly, we will gather to cook and eat together at Flogstavägen 45. Meeting up and cooking starts at 18:00.

All are welcome, regardless of your previous engagement in Flogsta Food. We ask that you bring something homemade (hummus, bread, jam, juice, etc.) or fresh organic vegetables or products. With these ingredients, and that which we can harvest from the community garden, we will together whip up a big feast.

This event will be a combination of the three organizations in Flogsta – Flogsta Vegan Mondays, Flogsta Food Coop and Flogsta Food. Also, as an added bonus, those who order veggies from Ramsjö Gård can pick them up on the spot.

Check out the event on Facebook here –

Local Hugs